Working with me privately is just one option! Available here you will find weekly group session, both recorded and live-streamed. Some have additional fees, and some are my offering to you. Check in weekly for Healing Breathwork, Meditation, Pranayama, and Yin/Restorative Yoga.

Working with me individually is just one option! Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and customize your sessions. We will speak about desired outcomes and the experience you would like to share with others. Truly a custom-built session!

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Working with me privately and individually tends to be the option people chose when they are getting started and need the most guidance. During these sessions we clarify your path and get you started with a good set of directions. Sessions can be set as strategic planning or as you need a tune-up.

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Evening Restoration
Please join me for 60-mins of quiet sound, restorative movement for the spine and hips, and gentle Yin postures to assist in long lasting changes in flexibility.

Wednesday, Oct 28, 7:00pmET
via Zoom
Via YouTube

Morning Pranayama
This session of 15-20 minutes begins with breathing to activate the vagus nerve (which elicits the relaxation response, allowing you to move into the parasympathetic state). Different breathwork practices will be utilized with the goal of creating calm, building resilience, improving lung function and capacity, altering Heart Rate Variability, and boosting immune function. Music and "sound" will be used to enhance the experience. 

via Zoom
via YouTube
I often say "Come for the altered state. Stay for the healing." In this form of meditation, the breath and the breathing are the focus. This is the quickest way I know for you to get "out of your head and into your body". For more information, please read


Daily Offerings


Sample Evening Restoration

Listen just once. Enjoy the science prior to moving toward calm. 

This is the beginning of all practices. Vagus nerve activation initiates the Relaxation Response. 

Meditations for Hurrican Laura Victims

More on YouTube

Thur, Oct 5, 12, 19, 5:30pmET

Join me LIVE or by recording!
All live sessions via Zoom.
Recordings available for 72 hours after the live event.

      $20 via PayPal
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Please indicate which class you are attending at time of payment.